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Nutt Crusher

nutt crusher

Academy Project 2009

Material: Steel 15mm

Iphone protector

I Phone protector 2

Academy Project 2008
material : Steel cage with rubber soft coating

Protector for the Iphone












Academy Project 2008
Material : Vacuum polyethyleen

Flacon with magnet



Academy project 2009

Material: Watercutted EVA foam

Camper Pelotas Shoe

camper project

Academy Project 2010
Material : sandblasted leather , liquid rubber

Seams connected with fluid rubber

Chair 1.6

chair 1.6

Acadeny Project 2011
Material: Steel, Melted Polyester rope

Steel wrapped with melted polyester rope.



Academy Project 2009
Material :  Wood - part of broom , Painted Old farmers Milk stool , part of a shovel and  beech wheels

The stool is made of  old […]