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Appartment Building

Apartment building


Appartment Building

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My Flat, Mega Farm, Power Plant and Highway are designs that came from my research into public space and architecture and the idealized version of both in toy modelling. On the basis of my research I selected a number of buildings that epitomize today’s zeitgeist. I transformed these architectural types into toy blocks. In doing so I have two objectives. The first is to shed a light on the excessive nature of contemporary large scale architecture – the mega factory – by using the poor and abstract form language of toy blocks. My second objective is to make full use of the contrast between the harshness of contemporary architecture and the illusory children’s world of friendliness and unlimited possibilities cultivated by adults.

Shipping costs:

Netherlands: € 25,00
Europe: € 75,00
Outside Europe: € 125,00


Extra informatie

Gewicht 10 kg
Afmetingen 50 x 50 x 20 cm

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